Realm of Valika

Game 2

Defeat Seravy

  • The group is heading torward the Fairy Pond to defeat the corrupted Seravy
    * We are attacked by feural beast that has patch of grass and looks like cat with white eyes and patch of fur.
    number concealed attack at night AC HP XP gold
    3 20% concealment 20% concealment unless light source present 19 around 100hp 425 600

    *note: the act of charging provoke an attack of opportunity against creatures with reach
    *we continue toward the fairy pond. as we head torward Seraby some energy seems to come from the trees and there is some light from the moon.
    *as we fail spot and listen we are attack by Seravy and 2 giant spiders
    *fight 2 Seraby: NO STATS. 1200 XP, 500 GP
  • as the fight ends we give the tonic to the defeated Seravy which turns back to its unicorn shape.
  • there we learned that the forest is not safe and that some horned being seemed to be the source of the corruption. these beings carry weird boxes… like on the island of dawn.
    *Seravy informs us we are asked for outside the forest, somebody search us.
  • We go to see Klahon who informs us we have been gone for one week, when we tought 2 days. He has seem the horn begin transport the boxes and followd them to Skarwood.
    *The boxes contains Vortex Shard and Klahon has seen some energy tentacules taking the energy of the forest.
    *he heard the being speak of there leader, Garkion.
    *Gauvain convinces Klahon to go warn the federation of what happens here.
    *the group head to Skarwwod. We are attacked by 3 horn being, with wood anklers and Smash them, there were 2 thief and one semi-healer. 300GP, 300 XP.
    *as we loot them we find a symbol on everyone of them.



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