Realm of Valika

First games recap

  • We have voluntered to go to the island of dawn in the hope of finding the lost hero.
    once there we had to fight elementals to get to the camp.
  • we have found the hero’s old sword and it was corrupted by something. A corruption that
    takes time and must have been casted before his arrival on the island.
  • we found a beam of light and went there to investigate.
  • Around the beam of light there was demons and we regrouped to fight those.
  • During the fight as we were exploring a cave we found the demon lord and fought it.
    the investigation made after the fight taught us that something was corrupting the island of dawn and the summoning of the demon required a skilled magus to do so there must be someone who did it.
  • we also found indirect proof that the hero is alive.

Chapter 2

  • A little later, we were summoned in Velik
  • we went there by Pegasus.
  • once there, the general “greeted” us and gave us the task to go help the woodcutter camp as they have issues with monster.
  • after that, Velik appeared to us and has asked us to find who is behind the conspiracy that corrupts us from within(the kingdom).
  • we went to the camp and fought an invasion there
  • at that time we learned that the corruption origin from the forest. we were sent to find an elf there.
  • the elf directed us to Seraby which had been corrupted by we do not know who



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